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In person classes will be resuming in March 2021. Please visit the Classes page for a list of spring classes and their start dates.

Hound Sense will continue to offer virtual programs and training - see the Classes section for more details.

Behaviour consultations are available on-line and through video sessions.

Call or email for more information

Socializing your puppy during Covid-19 presents a challenge - to get more information on how to begin the socialization process while social and physical distancing are in place please call or email. 

Serving the Edmonton Capital Region, Hound Sense provides a wide range of classes and workshops and does private behaviour modification work.

All Hound Sense programs are positive, humane and canine friendly. They are designed to be educational, interesting and fun for both human and canine participants.

Whether working in a class or with behaviour, understanding how dogs think and knowing how best to communicate with them are both key in having a wonderful and successful relationship.

At Hound Sense, we want to enhance that relationship and are dedicated to helping you ensure that your canine companion is a welcome addition to the community by being well-mannered, well-behaved, well-trained and well............. just a delight to have around.


Did you Know.....

When you are training your dog to do something new, if they lick their lips or yawn, they are a bit stressed.

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