What your dog wants most is to spend time with YOU.  When you make the time to learn something new or take a class with them, you increase your bond, help to build their confidence and burn off mental and physical energy.

At Hound Sense, we offer a wide range of different classes and programs, all canine-friendly and positive and designed to be fun and educational for both dog and owner.   We welcome and encourage the whole family to attend classes.  Proof of vaccinations are required for all class participants.


2019 June-July Class Starts:

Obedience level 1   Sun June 2nd

Puppy Socialization Drop In Sundays: May 26, June 2, 9, 16, 23

Tracking level 1 Sun June 23rd

Walking Workshop Sun July 14th

Classes are held at Sadie’s K9 Stay & Play at 8521 Argyll in Edmonton, AB.


In our Functional Obedience classes, we begin to develop a language that both you and your dog can understand.


Sept – July      6 weeks – $220

Level One is a beginning class and we cover a wide range of things:  the foundation of manners and obedience, socialization, social skills with both dogs and humans,  basic canine behaviour and communication, how to prevent and manage undesireable behaviour.  We cover the Big 6 of basic obedience – come, sit, stay, down, walk nicely and stand as well as a variety of more “functional” commands such as leave it, drop it, move, etc, etc, etc.

This class is for young dogs, dogs that are new to the household, or dogs that need a refresher.  Puppies may attend this class once they have had their 2nd set of shots.

LEVEL TWO         

Sept – July       6 weeks – $220

Level Two is for dogs who already have the basics of obedience.  In this class we build on basic skills and work on more advanced obedience skills incorporating duration, distance and distractions.  Also included are signal and vocal commands, off leash control, strategies for dealing with any issues that participants may be having and more.


dogweave AGILITY          

Sept – June     8 wks – $285

A wonderful, fast-paced  sport for you and your dog.  The dog will learn to master an obstacle course that includes jumps, tunnels, weave poles, teeter totter, a-frame, dog walk and more.  You will learn how to guide your dog through the course.

Pre-requisites:  dogs must be at least one year old and have basic obedience skills

 trackingdog          NOSEWORK         

Sept to Apr     8 wks – $285.00

Nosework is a class that dogs love! It is a low impact activity that is tremendous fun.  It is basic scent detection training for your dog and allows them to combine their amazing sense of smell with their love of performing a task.  We teach the dogs to identify a specific scent, to locate the scent and then tell us that they have found it. As the dogs gain experience we ask them to begin to recognize additional scents and to discriminate between different scents.   Nosework is an excellent class for dogs that are older, or have mobility issues, are a bit shy or have not been socialized well.  It is also a great class for dogs that have alot of energy – using their nose requires a great deal of effort and it is one of the best ways to tire them out.

Dogs should have basic obedience.


Apr – Sept

Level 1- 7 wks – $285 Level 2- 6 wks – $250

Tracking is one of the most interesting and enjoyable activities that you can do with your dog.  They are natural trackers and tracking is something that they were born to do.  In this class, we learn how to direct this natural ability to follow a specific track to find someone or something.   Classes are held in different locations in the Edmonton area each week.

Tracking is very tiring for your dog
a tired dog = a happy owner!




Sept – June    6 wk class-$220 OR 3 hr Workshop $105

Expand your dog’s repertoire by teaching them different tricks from the useful to the cute to the entertaining.   In this class, your dog will learn to  crawl, roll-over, catch a treat from their nose, bring you your slippers and much more.

Included in the class is an introduction to “Do As I Do” – a fascinating training technique which uses the social learning and imitation abilities of dogs in order to teach them new skills.   Pre-requisites:  dogs must have basic obedience skills



4.5 hr workshop  – $220.00

Do you wish that your dog would walk nicely & be well-behaved while out walking?

In this intensive workshop, our goal is to help you turn your walk into a pleasant experience rather than an exercise in frustration.  You will learn different tools and techniques that will help you take control of your walks and teach your dog to walk nicely with you.  If your dog is reactive, we teach both of you how to understand, manage and control that reactivity.


 Puppy Socialization Drop In          

$15/drop in session or $50 for 4

The Puppy Socialization Drop-In is designed to take advantage of the socialization window and help owners and their new puppies get a good start in the whole socialization process.  Through directed activities and structured play, puppies will be able to experience other puppies, different sights, sounds, objects, textures and people in a safe and positive way.

For puppies between 8 and 16 wks of age.  Requirements: 1st set of DHPP vaccinations, Bordetella vaccine and De-worming.  Puppies can attend 7 days after they have received their 1st set of vaccines and vaccinations must be kept up to date.

For more information on Socialization, please see the Special Programs page.

Training Tips

What you allow your dog to do,

you are training them to do.

Just like us humans, each dog will learn at their own pace.  Some will pick things up more quickly than others.

Always set them up to be successful.

Do not be afraid to take a step back in training if necessary.

If you want your dog to do something, use their name.

If you want them to stay in place, do not use their name.

Lower pitch sounds cause your dog to slow down or stop

Learning is hard work – fun, challenging and stressful.

When you are patient, consistent, sincere and enthusiastic, your dog will be more motivated to respond.

Always work obedience commands into your daily routine, walks and playtime. 

This helps your dog learn faster and teaches them that they need to “perform” no matter where you are, or what you’re doing.


A well trained dog does not happen by accident,

nor does it happen overnight.

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