Special Programs

In addition to group classes and behaviour work, Hound Sense offers the following special programs.  These can be done in either private session, in classroom setting or as workshop/seminar.

For additional information on scheduling and pricing, please contact us.

Private Training

When a class does not work for your schedule or life situation, we can do maggie webprivate in-home training with you, your family and dog/s in whatever area you are interested in.

  • for city dwellers you might need help with an escape artist, obedience, walking or off-leash work.
  • if you live in the country or on an acreage, perhaps you need help with perimeter training, respect for wildlife or distance work.
  • perhaps you have a rescue dog that needs some work before they can join a class
  • if you need help working with a dog that has mobility impairment or is deaf or blind or both

No matter what your training goals are, Hound Sense private sessions can help you realize them.

Choosing the Right Dog / New Puppy on Board


There are many things to consider when making the decision to bring a dog into your home and it is very important that you find a good fit for your family and lifestyle.  What breed or mixes would be best, what age, sex, temperament, energymexico weblevel, costs and so on.  Hound Sense works with you to help make the decision, and then helps you prepare for your new arrival.


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If you have already made your decision, Hound Sense will work with you before and after the dog arrives to ensure that you all start off on the right foot.baby webziva web

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Early Socialization Program for Puppies

Socialization for dogs is critical to ensure that they grow up into well-adjusted adults.  The prime time for socializing puppies is up to 3-4 months of age but the socialization process can begin almost as soon as the puppies are born.

The Early Socialization Program helps breeders give their pups a head start on the socialization process before they go to their new homes.


Canine COLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAommunication and Behaviour

Dogs utilize an elaborate and sophisticated system of non-verbal communication that includes body positions, vocalizations, facial expressions, ear set, tail carriage and overall demeanor to signal their intentions and feelings to others.   In this session, we look at how to understand and interpret what they are saying.

Dealing with Fear

Help your fearful/shy dog gain confidence, feel safe and be able to cope better with life and the world around them. Learn:

  • where fear comes from & the body language of fear
  • how to handle, train, manage a fearful dog
  • specific exercises and activities to use when handling, and training to develop skills and confidence
  • tools and techniques to help reduce stress

Doggie Dilemas


An informative, fun and interactive workshop session to discuss
common canine challenges and learn how to deal with them.



Dog Pack Posse K9 Drill Team

Here is an activity that is different, fun and entertaining where you and your dog really work together.

A K-9 Drill Team is where teams of dogs and handlers work as a group to perform choreographed routines.  If you want to do something with your dog that will:

  • incorporate their existing skills of obedience, agility, tricks
  • teach them new skills
  • build their confidence
  • help them work with distractions
  • help your dog focus on you and increase your control
  • allow you to show off what your dog knows how to do

Then the Dog Pack Posse just might be the activity for you.

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