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HOUND SENSE will help with behavioural concerns online, via phone, email and video as long as the physical and social distancing restrictions are in place.


Does the juvenile delinquent in your house have 4 legs and fur?

Are you embarrassed or afraid by your dog's behaviour?

When your dog acts out or misbehaves it says that they are under stress and not happy

Behavioural issues & problems with your dog are no fun! They can be irritating, embarrassing, and/or scary and are disruptive to your household, your relationships and your health. Not to mention, the toll that they take on your dog.

No matter what behaviour issue you are dealing with, Hound Sense can help!

Behaviour modification refers to the assessment, evaluation and alteration of a dog’s behavior, and it is quite different than obedience training. Training is always a component of behaviour modification but to really address behaviour issues requires more than training alone.

There are a number of factors at play in any behavioural issue and dealing with them effectively requires:

Understanding of canine behaviour, breed specific behaviour, canine body language and communication, human/animal relationships

Learning and behavioural theories and their application

Desensitization and counter-conditioning

Different training techniques and tools

Time, patience and consistency


We utilize all of the above and more while working with you in private sessions in your home to help you understand, manage and change your dog’s behaviour.

As with all Hound Sense programs, our behaviour work is positive, humane, canine-friendly and customized for each owner and dog.

Things to keep in mind:

In the majority of cases, your dog's behaviour did not appear overnight and it will not be gone overnight either. HOWEVER, you will be surprised at how quickly your dog’s behaviour starts to change.

Behaviour issues do not get better with age and do not go away on their own. If they are not addressed, they tend to get worse.

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